Preface:  The principle characters endured many hardships and injustices throughout the Harry Potter novel series. In this story, good things begin to happen. The story is set following the battle at Hogwarts and focuses mainly on the Harry and Hermione characters. It is a simple fun story that considers how other magical possibilities might have grown from the steadfast commitment of these two characters to each other. There is healing, friendship, relationship, romance, and some special magic.

As such, this story is inconsistent with the writings of J.K. Rowling in the epilogue of the seventh novel. Nevertheless, it strives to remain consistent with the general themes of the Harry Potter universe. Furthermore, the story draws upon other sources for inspiration, vision, and life experience.

It is hoped that you find the reading of this story enjoyable, perhaps gain a new insight or perspective, and come away with a feeling of time well spent.

Rating:  T+ or PG-13; sexual implications. No violence or strong language.

Chapter Index:

 1.  Beginning Again Picking up the pieces and reparing the damage.
 2.  Resolutions A heart to heart talk amoung friends.
 3.  Plans and Options Understandings amoung friends and the ministry.
 4.  More than Friends A door is opened to new possibilities.
 5.  Family Connections Where it happened; pieces of a broken family.
 6.  Friends and Family Happy birthday Harry.
 7.  Coming Of Age Ginny's birthday and chosen careers.
 8.  Hogwarts Rededication A ceremony to recognize those who gave so much.
 9.  Hermione's Birthday An extraordinary picnic under a tree.
10.  The Family Tree A door is opened to new possibilities.
11.  Vinculi Spiritu Bond of the Spirits
12.  Diem de Corpus Day of the body.
13.  Diem de Menti Day of the mind.
14.  Diem de Spiritus Day of the spirit.
15.  Time For Us A dance and another beginning.
16.  Being With You Sharing the day and thoughts with each other.
17.  Of One Spirit A special gift and magical ability.
18.  Home and Beyond Home again. Fun, friends and life together.

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