Summary:  This story follows the Battle of Hogwarts in the fantasy saga, Harry Potter. It considers how some of the main characters might have moved forward from those harrowing times. There's friendship, healing, relationship and growth toward the Deathly Hallows epilog nineteen years later. There are some attempts at humor and a few serendipitous thoughts included for good measure.

If you have not yet read the Harry Potter novels or seen the movies, you may find some of this story confusing. There are quite a few spoilers in this story. The world created by J. K. Rowling in the books far surpasses the movies in richness and detail. Time spent reading the books will be a rewarding experience.

Rating: M - Mature teens (16) and older. Non-explicit suggestive adult themes and references to some violence.

Chapter Index:

1. Healing Special magic for the defenders of Hogwarts.
2. Comfort and Care Visiting the injured and helping them mend.
3. Saying Goodbye Final tributes for Fred, Lupin and Tonks.
4. Travel Plans Preparations for a rescue mission.
5. Searching for Memories Looking for parents half a world away.
6. The Meadow Magic from a higher point of view.
7. Troubled Times The struggle against malicious design goes on.
8. A Special Place Reflections on the most trying of times.
9. Getting to Know You Preparations for a return to England.
10. Taking Stock of the Pieces Assessing damages at the Hogwarts Quidditch pitch.
11. A Journey Home Windows into the past at Godric's Hollow.
12. On the Mend New connections and challenges.
13. Magic and Choice An elf's loyality. A warm welcome home.
14. Centaur Sentiments Quandary in the library. The stars have spoken.
15. A Summer Solstice A festive celebration with the centaurs.
16. Aurors and Brooms Auror evaluations and brooms for Hogwarts.
17. Labors of Love Work, learn, care, surprise, enjoy, discover, ease.
18. Homeward Bound Home of the past, present and future.
19. Shell Cottage Holiday A restful and relaxing weekend by the sea.
20. Birthday Celebrations Special days with special friends and family.
21. Hogwarts Again Renewal, rememberance, recognition, resilience.

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