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This page contains a number of video clips created with a miniature wireless camera. You can ride along on a tour of the D&B railroad and see the sights from the vantage point of the train. A MPEG or MP4 video player such as Windows Media or QuickTime must be installed on your computer to view the video clips. The clips are 352 by 240 resolution. For slower network connections, better playback will be obtained if you save the complete clip to your computer before viewing. To save a clip, right click on a link and select the "Save Target As" item from the browser popup menu. Save the clip to your desktop. Once the clip download completes, double click on its icon to view it.

Video Trip #1 Video Format
Our Union Pacific SD60 moves from an industry track through the Cajon Mesa yard dropping off some maintenance equipment for the track gang and picking up members of the train crew. It finally couples to a short train on yard track 11. MP4 MPG
While waiting for departure clearance, a Southern Pacific Daylight passenger train passes by the Cajon Mesa yard on an eastbound track. Stand clear of the track. No stops today for this E7 lead train. MP4 MPG
With clearance received, we depart the yard westbound and pass by Lakeside shipping and its grade crossing. After passing through Mission Gorge and some rugged terrain, we join up with the track from the Spring Valley bridge. After clearing a short tunnel, we continue down grade as the train negotiates upper horseshoe curve and enters another tunnel. MP4 MPG
Emerging from the tunnel, the train enters midway siding. This is a busy place and today is no exception. Two GP30's are waiting for our train to clear the tunnel. Exiting midway, we proceed down grade over a tressel (see note below) and into a tunnel. MP4 MPG
Emerging from the tunnel, the train makes a short stop by the Spring Valley lake. This is a secluded and "scenic" area of the railroad line with impressive views of the hills and valleys. Once the crew is certain that all is well, the train moves on into the final tunnel for other, currently undefined, destinations. MP4 MPG

Note: For more information on railroad pretzels, deep cravases and vicious puma's, listen to this mp3 file by the Smothers Brothers.

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