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This page serves to document some of my activities involved in the construction of the D&B model railroad. This hobby activity began in June 2002 and is aided by the wealth of information available on the web from manufacturers, historical societies, and message forums.

Some of my computer hardware and software engineering skills have worked their way into my HO scale model railroad activities. On the D&B model railroad, this has resulted in a degree of operational automation. If you find use for some of these ideas in your projects, then this web page has served its intended purpose.

The information presented on my model railroad web pages are from my hobby related activities. All electronic circuits and programs have been built and are functional on my model railroad. Beyond this, I make no claims as to the quality or usefulness of the information. The electronic circuits and programs are not dangerous to persons or property when used as described on these web pages.

Some of the images on this page are large. Please be patient while they load.

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